Policy Statement Regarding Labours Position on the Deal

The issue of what Labour should do over the deal is very contentious throughout the rejoin movement and causing controversy not just within the ranks of labour supporters. Whilst some see labour supporting the deal as a practical issue to avoid no deal, others see it as Starmer legitimising brexit and betraying the remain movement. Please be in no doubt that feelings are running very high on this issue.

However we must reiterate that our overall Campaign policy is that we are here to set the agenda and not follow the agenda of others. That applies across the board including to Starmer.

It is our intention to push all parties to reject the legitimacy of Brexit and support rejoining unequivocally. We are therefore very concerned about Starmer’s actions regarding the deal and of the opinion that Labour should abstain to avoid any impression of giving legitimacy to Brexit.

Furthermore, arguments that Starmer needs to consider the red wall voters do not hold any water with us. We are of the opinion that what is needed from Starmer is leadership rather than following the crowd on the issue, and that he should take a clear stance and then deal with the fallout.