Happy New Year

I wanted to wish everyone a happy new year and give you a few thoughts on a sad night for us all

After 4 and a half years of fighting today the leavers finally get their sunny uplands…

But no amount of rose tinting of the spectacles that they wear can hide the fact that Brexit is bad news for this country. Despite Johnson and his deal, there will be no unicorns.

Whilst the cliff edge disaster of no deal has been avoided there is much in the deal, or rather not in the deal, that is bad news for our once great country. For example, over 70% of our GDP comes from services which are not covered in the deal. So, whilst we might not see the cliff edge drop, we will see a slow decline over time.

But the EU is not just about trade and there are many other aspects of Brexit that will cause British people to lose out and that will impoverish this nation, such as the loss of the right to live, love and work on OUR continent.

But no matter what, we know Brexit has no legitimacy.

We know the Leave narrative was false and misleading with the likes of Johnson, Gove and Farage telling lie after lie.

We know the Leave campaign broke Electoral law and Data Protection Laws.

We know that the May Government admitted in court that the referendum was seriously flawed.

We know that the May Government relied on legal loopholes to continue the Brexit Process.

These are also reasons why we know that we are in the right.

These are also reasons why we know we will eventually prevail.

The Leave Campaign lost the moment they broke the law.

The Leave Campaign lost the moment they started lying.

Yes, the last few days have been difficult for us with the actions of Starmer and the Labour Party, and there will be difficult days ahead, especially as the UK itself may break up as a result of this tragedy.

But from here on in there is only one direction to go – and that direction is Rejoin.

The UK WILL retake its rightful place at the heart of the EU