Rejoining the European Union – A Statement by Colin Gordon

We wish to state that we are not “getting behind” Brexit.

Brexit has taken place and we are now experiencing the consequences. We must all in the coming period work together to do the best for our country by limiting, mitigating and repairing the immediate damage which Brexit is now inflicting on us. However we have no intention of consenting to lock ourselves indefinitely into a diminished future, or the permanent and pointless reduction of our shared possibilities resulting from the historic error which our nation has unfortunately been misled into committing.

As a pro-European movement we therefore declare our intention to campaign for the re-entry of the United Kingdom (or its legacy political entities) into the European Union at the earliest practicable opportunity. The timeline and phases of this campaign cannot now be precisely stated and will be determined by democratic attention to the state of public opinion and by the evolving situation, including of course the corresponding wishes and willingness our European neighbours. At this time we believe that the target should be to achieve re-entry by 2030.

Whatever the time, work and change that may be needed to achieve this goal, we declare unequivocally and as of now that an early re-entry of the UK to the EU is in our overwhelming national interest, as well as in the wider international interests of peace, justice and democracy. Along with all others who share this conviction, we commit ourselves with immediate effect to begin preparing the ground and creating the conditions for a democratic return of the UK to a path to a better future in a full and constructive partnership with its neighbours and allies in the EU, for the benefit of all its peoples.