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A Liars Charter that gives MPs a Green Light to Lie

Earlier this week it came to light that a false and misleading statement had been made by George Freeman MP concerning tariffs on food products imported into EU from Africa in a report by Full Fact (https://fullfact.org/economy/george-freeman-africa-eu-tariffs/) Given that the Government response to the Parliamentary petition (https://petition.parliament.uk/petitions/561730 ) organised by Joel Baccas calling for MPs […]

Press Regulation

Some mixed news relating to press regulation. The good news is that our petition has passed the 10,000 mark meaning the government must now respond to it. Thank you to everyone who signed it The not so good news is that I have received the following e mail relating to the complaint I made about […]

Five Years On

On the day that Cameron announced the referendum I remember thinking very clearly “Good – the media will get to grips with the likes of Farage and rip them apart over the lies they are telling about the EU”. Within minutes it was also very obvious that Farage and Co were going to continue lying […]

Complaint to IPSO about the Express

I have just received a response to my complaint to IPSO about the Daily Express article that wrongly placed the blame for supermarket price rises on the EU (I have placed their e-mail at the end of this post). IPSO appears to have totally ignored the main thrust of my complaint which was that the […]

Letter to Australia

The letter I sent to the Australian Prime Minister The Hon Scott Morrison MPPrime Minster of Australia1st June 2021 Dear Prime Minister If news reports are to be believed, your country is about to agree a trade deal with the UK, something which is only possible because of Brexit. Brexit came about following a campaign […]

Unbelievable Hypocrisy from the Government yet again

The Government has responded to the petition calling for the plans for voter ID to be scrapped with the e mail below. The third paragraph starts with the words ‘Electoral fraud is a crime that strikes at the core principles of our democracy’ That is unbelievable hypocrisy coming from a government led by people who […]

It is up to us

Last week I talked about the need to be realistic and not to chase our own Remain/Rejoin version of sunlit uplands complete with the attendant rainbow coloured unicorns. This week I thought I would address one of the two keys tasks that we have to achieve in order to fulfil our goal of reclaiming our […]

Why I am a European

Why I am a European by Oliver Gray My father was a linguist and used his skills in the Intelligence Corps during the war to help defeat the Nazis. I was born in 1948 and from quite a young age, I always remember meeting people from other European countries. My mother had taken in Polish […]

Remain and Rejoin Unicorns

Remainers and now Rejoiners often talk about Leavers wanting their sunlit uplands filled with rainbow coloured Brexit unicorns. Often this colourful narrative appears to have its roots in the lack of knowledge demonstrated by Leavers when they discuss the EU and how it works which rarely bears any resemblance to reality. On other occasions, this […]