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Remain turned up to a Knife Fight with a Spoon

For many people my age I suspect that one of the most defining events of our early adult lives was the Miner’s Strike which still colours the political views of many of those involved over three decades later, and caused a significant divide in the country in much the same way that the 2016 EU […]

Why we need to push Labour on Rejoin now

There has been a lot of debate in recent months about why Starmer does not come out in favour of rejoin with perhaps the most common arguments being that he needs to bide his time or he is playing a clever game. Thats not an argument that has any evidence to support it and this […]

Populism is a cancer that must be cut out from a democracy

Given that Trumps dishonest and often inflammatory and racist form of populist politics has caused a deep division within American society, I am certain many British people will be pleased to see the back of him. Unfortunately, however many British politicians such as Johnson and Farage are cut from the same cloth as Trump. This […]

Evidence Please Mr Tomlinson!

A few weeks ago on 19th September, Swindon North MP and Minister for Disabled People Health and Work, Justin Tomlinson MP, wrote an article for a column in Swindon’s local paper in which he claimed that the EU was trying to stop food supplies being sent to Northern Ireland from Mainland UK. A number of […]

Campaign to Rejoin and Political Parties

A few days ago I outlined a high level strategy as a way forward for the Rejoin movement. Given the current news coverage and speculation concerning the views of Starmer and Davey on rejoining the EU, I thought it appropriate to return to the subject and expand a little on point three of that high […]

Some thoughts on a way forward for the Rejoin movement

Some thoughts about the way forward for Rejoin.There is some disagreement amongst Rejoin supporters about the timing of a campaign with many arguing now is not the time to campaign as Brexit supporters need to see the damage Brexit does. I disagree this for a number of reasons: This is essentially a rehash of what […]

Organising a Piss-Up in a Brewery by Robert Braban

Organising a Piss-Up in a Brewery A beginners guide by Boris Joh;son Although a ‘pissup in a Brewery is an anathema to we of the upper classes who prefer Bacchus to Farage, I have, courtesy of Piss-Up in a Brewery Classes at first Eton and later Oxford, gathered invaluable knowledge on the subject. At Eton, […]


→ “It’s not blue, it’s black!” “Brexit has been for nothing!” FACES TURN RED OVER NEW PASSPORTS THAT AREN’T BLUE Consternation reported by the Tory house journal today (The Telegraph) over the disappointment of Brexiters that the new British passport isn’t as they expected. A new, blue British passport was promised on the back of […]