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From Citizen to Subject – and Remaining a Citizen

By Johannes Arens On 9 December, a few days before the General Election, our Prime Minister considered it appropriate to say that ‘over the last couple of decades or more… we’ve seen quite a large numbers of people coming in from the whole of the EU […] able to treat the UK basically as though […]

#IAmEuropean – Census Day

So what’s next? One of our key tasks is to preserve and affirm our European Identity as Johnson and co will try and crush it. Unfortunately for him we have the ideal opportunity in March 2021 to do so – the next census! Imagine if a quarter of a million, or half a million, or […]

A Pro-EU Message to Waterford, Ireland

I’m not a Waterford native, nor even an Irishman. But I want to share my Waterford story and tell you all why your special town will always hold a dear place in my heart. I’m a Yorkshire man; Barnsley to be exact. It’s a post-industrial heavily working class area in the North of England. Most […]