Brexit Is A Crime

The latest Brexit Lie from the Government and the Daily Mail

The Mail headline containing the misleading claim

The Mail is up to its old tricks again with a claim that the EU ordered the UK to remove Crown Marks from pint glasses.

Whilst the EU insists that there is a CE mark on glasses, EU rules do not prevent a Government from placing other marks such as the Crown on items such as glasses as the following 2 news items explain

The Mail article is therefore misleading and factually incorrect

Please help us put a stop to this sort of behaviour by the Mail by complaining to IPSO

Here is the IPSO complaints form – it only takes a few minutes to complain

You will need this link to the Mail Story dated 29th May

And quote the headline:

“Cheers Ma’am! Boris Johnson brings back Crown symbol on our pint glasses for the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee – 18 years after the EU ordered us to remove them”

Happy complaining!